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December 2016.  The YMCA is getting sold, so FOGH will be moving in the near future (2017/18)

In 2015 to mark the 200 years since the Battle of Waterloo we played the Battle of Ligny.  Photos have been uploaded to the gallery.

The Worcester Wargames Club 2014  game project was the WWI Battle of Mons in 10mm using the Black Powder rules.   A article was written for Wargmes Illustrated 322; A Mini Mons.

12/12/2013.  Andy have set up a Blog about the Battle of Inverlochy.

20/07/2013.  Uploaded photos of the Battle of Britain game we played to the gallery.

28/02/2012.  The Battle of Dettingen report have been published in the March edition of Wargames Illustrated magazine.

28/02/2012.  Edgehill refight at the Worcester Club.

17/10/2011.  Matt's Battle Report on the 40mm ACW game we played at the last meeting.

01/10/2011.  The Battle of Dettingen game was enjoyed by everyone who attended (thanks Pete).  Watch out for a report in the Wargames Illustrated magazine. 

12/12/2010. The Battle of Fontenoy game was played yesterday, All who attended had a great day (Thanks Pete).

14/11/2010.  The Battle of Fontenoy game is still to be comfired, but it is pencilled in for the 11th December with a 10am start (please inform Pete if you are attending).

14/11/2010.  The Marston Moor game will be held at the club on the 27th November 2010.

09/05/2010.  Uploaded new photos to gallery of the two games we played at the last club meeting; Petrovadin and Golan Hights.

01/05/2010.  The date of the Battle of Fontenoy game is still to be comfirmed.

08/03/2010.  Uploaded pictures from last Saturdays Battle of Blemheim game to gallery.